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e-Boardroom Product Info

TabletThe e-Boardroom will bring your board meetings into the 21st century.  The simple touch screen design and smart Auto-Pilot makes it so simple and easy that anyone can use it.

  • Touch Screen Design
  • Electronic Voting
  • Automatic Page Turning
  • Private Sticky Notes
  • Audience Display
  • Speaker Timer
  • Speaker Queue
  • Speaker Signup Kiosk
  • Work Offline
  • Easy Integration & Secure

Touch Screen Design

Getting around the agenda is real easy in the e-Boardroom. First all items and attachments are bookmarked from our MinuteTraq system so you can easily navigate the agenda.  Using swipe and pinch gestures you can easily turn pages and enlarge documents to make them easier to read. Extra-large buttons also make voting and other features a snap.

Touch Screen Design

Electronic Voting

Electronic VotingMove … Second … All in Favor…  Board members can start a motion with a single screen tap.  All board members screens will instantly update and allow them to second and then vote – Yes, No, Abstain.  Of course the clerk has full control over the voting as usual but all the votes will instantly feed right into the minutes and also display the final result on the audience display and the board members screens.

Automatic Page Turning

Automatic Page TurningFor non-technical board members the e-Boardroom puts everything on auto-pilot where they don’t have to touch a button.  The automatic page turning allows a chairperson or clerk to control the current agenda item and it will automatically update the board members screens including the attached documents, private sticky notes and more.  When a vote occurs the touch screen design allows them to electronically vote.

Private Sticky Notes

Private Sticky NotesNever forget what you wanted to say on any agenda item.  Any board members can make private notes on agenda items using our web portal or e-Boardroom.  When the agenda item comes up during the meeting the private sticky note will automatically pop-up.  Notes can easily be added or edited during the meeting and are automatically saved.  Even further if an item is tabled to another meeting your notes will carry-over to the next meetings where that item is on the agenda.

Audience Display

Audience DisplayKeep everyone in the audience or the people watching the video at home informed of the decisions and where you are in the agenda.  The audience display can be setup on a projector or flat screen and even used in the live video stream with MediaTraq or your cable channel.

  • Agenda View – shows current agenda item and next few items in the agenda.  This view can also check items as completed so everyone knows how much of the agenda is finished.
  • Vote Results – automatically shows the final vote tally on any motion either in real-time as the votes happen or when the motion is complete.
  • Speaker Queue – board members who are speaking can have their picture displayed with their name and title and other board members who are waiting to speak will show in the order they are waiting to speak.

Agenda View on Audience DisplayWith the Intelligent Switching built-in the screen can automatically change between views. As the meeting takes place and the board members vote, push the Speak button or set the current agenda item, the meeting organizer is free to monitor the meeting and take notes while the eBoardroom takes care of the rest.

Speaker Timer

Speaker Timer OptionsAdd some control to the public commenting portions of your meetings.  The speaker timer can be set and controlled by the clerk for any length of time they want.  The countdown timer will automatically show on the audience display and the board member screens.  It can be configured to stop, blink, count up or make a sound when the time is up.

Speaker Queue

Speaker Queue on Audience DisplayThe Speaker Queue can help keep your discussions more orderly while keeping the audience more informed.  By simply tapping a button your board member can join the discussion while putting their name, title and picture on the audience display.  The Speaker Queue also allows the clerk or chairperson to control the queue, while letting the board members and audience know when their turn is coming to speak.

Speaker Signup Kiosk

Speaker Signup KioskInvolving your community in the meeting is even easier now with the Speaker Signup Kiosk.  This kiosk can be setup in the back of your board room to allow anyone to submit a request to speak with their name, phone, address and comment.

The clerk can easily accept these requests while the meeting is in progress and the agenda and board members screens will automatically get updated. No more guessing how to spell names for the minutes … it’s all automatic!

Work Offline

When the internet goes down the e-Boardroom keeps going!  Designed to work offline all the meeting documents and information are automatically cached locally so your meeting doesn’t stop.  The Minutes Maker tool will continually backup all the votes and comments locally every 1 minute and then easily save it to the servers when the internet is available.

Easy Integration & Secure

Because our solution runs on the Windows platform your organization can easily adapt the e-Boardroom without purchasing new hardware or supporting unsecured consumer devices.  The e-Boardroom will run on regular PC laptops or newer Windows Touch-screen Tablets.  This means all the security tools, network infrastructure and training your organization has invested in can be leveraged with IQM2.