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IQM2 offers you unrivaled flexibility and purchase options to alleviate the costly, stressful and time consuming process of going through the RFP process. We are able to do this by being the only organization in this industry to have our products and pricing approved by the General Services Administration (“GSA”). This specially approved pricing and listing on the GSA Schedule gives you access to published, discounted pricing and the ability to demonstrate to your executive leadership that you have taken advantage of specially approved government pricing. This alleviates questions about due diligence and fairness in the buying process. In fact, President Obama’s administration has urged the public sector to take advantage of fixed price contracts like the GSA for these same reasons. This has been particularly focused on as it comes to managing funds being distributed via the The American Recovery Act of 2009.

Additionally, you can avail yourselves of other purchasing vehicles as well as come directly to us for Managed Services pricing. Denoted below are a few of the widely used State contract vehicles through our partner Carahsoft Technology Inc.

General Services Administration ("GSA") Schedule

Please contact us at (800) 995-8696 or our partner Carahsoft Technologies for more information regarding our specially approved government pricing.

State and Other Contracts

California Multiple Award Schedule Contract

Contract #: CMAS 3-05-70-2247A

Maryland Master Contract

Commercial Off the Shelf Software (COTS)
Project No.: 050B7800012

Ohio State Contract

Contract # 53302-0

Pennsylvania IT Hardware & Software Contracts “COSTARS”

Software Contract # COSTARS-006-025

eVA - Virginia's Total e-Procurement Solution

Vendor ID # E51768

Texas DIR

Contract # DIR-SDD-1716

Please contact us at (800) 995-8696 for information on how we can make your buying process more efficient and less costly. We look forward to supporting you.

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