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BoardTraq Product Info

BoardTraq simplifies the process of managing your board and committee appointments, making them streamlined and simple.

  • Full Web based design
  • Integrated with Boards+ portal
  • Board & seat setup
  • Meeting list, agendas & minutes
  • Qualifications
  • View board members online
  • Applicant database
  • Reports, notices, certificates & more
  • Online application
  • Integrated with MinuteTraq
  • Review & interview workflow
  • Track historical appointments
  • Interview scheduling & tracking
  • Microsoft Excel import & export
  • Integrated Dashboard
  • Documented REST / JSON API
  • Appointment tracking

Full Web based Design

Designed from the ground up on the newest web based technology, BoardTraq works with all the major browsers. Internal users will be able to quickly perform all the setup, management and workflow using their own unique password. Citizens can view all the public information through the IQM2 Boards+ public portal.

Board & Seat Setup

Board & Seat SetupDefine all your boards, committees and commissions with the intuitive software interface along with their mission statements, meeting frequency, term limitations and special requirements for being on the board. Each seat on the board can also detail additional requirements and specific titles. This allows later for people to see which seats are vacant or filled.


Define the required qualifications for being considered for a specific board or seat on a board. When an applicant wishes to apply for a board seat the system will automatically ask the applicant if they meet the specified criteria.

The definitions of the board “makeup” is often determined by legal mandates or codes instituted many years ago when the commission was first originated. Therefore, they often have very specific requirements that are difficult to manage across dozens of boards. By defining these qualifications with BoardTraq, not only does it make these complex and unique requirements easy to track, manage and report but also simplifies the applicant process.

Applicant Database

Applicant DatabaseManaging board and commission recruitment was never more organized. See all of your applicants and their applications in a single list, complete with their status and the boards for which they are applying. Any correlating attachments like their resume or application forms are easily accessible and searchable.

Need to replace a retired volunteer? You can easily search the applicant database for anyone else who applied for the board or committee in the past. With the BoardTraq solution, searching and finding applicants is easy and if you already interviewed them in the past you can expedite this process by reviewing the previous interview notes (because we got those also).

Online Application

Anyone who wishes to apply can easily see view vacant seats on the public portal and apply online. When they choose to apply, the qualifications for that seat will be displayed and the applicant will be prompted to enter their qualifications for each. The applicant can attach their resume, save it as a draft and then submit it for consideration.

Review & Interview Workflow

Review & Interview Workflow

When applications are entered into BoardTraq, either online or internally the Application Workflow can be used to drive internal review and even interviews. The status of the application is automatically updated as it goes through each step of your review process. The workflow for any application can be automatically generated and can be different for different boards.

Interview Scheduling & Tracking

Interview Scheduling & TrackingAs interviews are scheduled, BoardTraq will automatically send email reminders to the associated parties. BoardTraq will keep track of applicants who have responded and their scheduled interview times.

Integrated Dashboard

The IQM2 Integrated Dashboard will display all the applications that need to be reviewed by you as well as remind you of interviews that you need to conduct. This dashboard integrates with other IQM2 products. Users can have all their information on a single screen with other items that require their attention.

Appointment Tracking

Track every member of every board and committee in one place. By capturing this information in BoardTraq it is easily managed but also quickly searchable and available on the public portal. Reminders and reports can be viewed to tell you when board member terms are expiring or remind you who has yet to be sworn in. Custom fields can be added to the appointment system so you can track other information that is important to you.

Public Boards+ Portal

All information is accessible through the public portal where citizens and board members can access all of the published board information. The Boards+ page shows all boards and committees in the agency along with their mission statement, seat vacancies, term limitations and more. The detail page of a board or committee gives extra information including the recent and upcoming meetings with their agendas and minutes, a list of all the board members, their info and more.

Posting Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

Posting Meetings, Agendas & MinutesCentralizing the posting of the meeting dates, locations, agendas & minutes online can now be easy and consistent. With BoardTraq comes our award winning solution for managing your agendas & minutes. The designated users for each board or committee can upload the agendas and minutes so that other board members and citizens can easily view them. This also gives the ability to search text in any agenda or minutes and makes it easy for tracking and ensuring the compliance of meeting Open Meeting laws and whether your board members and clerks are meeting vital legal requirements.

View Board Member Profiles Online

From the board detail page, clicking on a board member gives a more detailed profile of the board member; including a picture, title, a list of all the boards on which they serve and relevant contact information for both internal and public access if desired. Additional biographic information can also be added and can include blogs, social media links and more.

MinuteTraq customers that track the votes will show the voting history of the board member.

Reports, Notices, Certificates and More

Yep … we know what they make you do … If you’re the one that has to remember when to notify a board member to re-apply because their term is up; or send out new contact lists whenever a board member changes; or create certificates for years of service; or … you got it and we’ve got you covered. Notices can be automatically emailed and for those things that need to be printed our template driven system uses Microsoft Word templates to make it easy to change.

Integrated with MinuteTraq

Integrated with MinuteTraqNeed to generate agenda items for the appointments? BoardTraq can do this as a standalone Word document if you like but for customers that also have MinuteTraq, the system can automatically generate your agenda item to be submitted and ultimately auto populate your agenda.

Track Historical Appointments

Who was the chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee in August of 1997? Don’t ask me but you can check the public website and easily find out. The BoardTraq system will never delete any appointment information and can go back as far as you like. And the answer to questions like this is merely a simple search that anyone can do for themselves.

Microsoft Excel Import & Export

Microsoft Excel Import & ExportWe know what you’re doing now – that’s why we made sure you can import and export everything from Microsoft Excel. We will help you load all your historical information into BoardTraq.

Documented REST / JSON API

Need more? No problem! BoardTraq was designed to be open via the latest web integration technology. All of the basic functionality is available via a documented REST / JSON API that can allow any developer to retrieve information.