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The M2 Suite - From Document Creation through Video Presentation.  One Company, One Solution, Total Meeting Management

M2 Solution

The M2 Software Solution is a robust end to end meeting management solution. It is a single application that automates the entire public and formal meeting process; from agenda preparation through approval and decision workflow to minutes compiling and ultimately public information dissemination via video streaming and electronic voting. It also includes sophisticated follow up action utilities to ensure that those critical decisions and deliverables are tracked and followed up on by the appropriate stakeholders for complete process visibility.

It is the only meeting management software of its kind in the public sector. IQM2 has chosen to address the entire meeting management process; not just one aspect as we believe that process efficiency and cost savings go hand-in-hand. The other offerings in this industry focus on individual aspects of the meeting. This requires them to partner with other organizations to fulfill the process requirements of many public sector entities. We have chosen to give organizations the best of both worlds without having to get involved with messy integrations and reliance on numerous organizations to ensure the whole meeting management continuum is addressed correctly. We are able to do this because the IQM2 solution is a single application; our clients can choose to implement on a modular basis and deploy different modules and functionality of the M2 Suite when they choose. This is easily done by the simple exercise of providing our clients with additional license codes. For example, should you determine it makes sense for your organization to improve your agenda and minutes automation by implementing our MinuteTraq module first, but later in the year you want to adopt video streaming, all we need to do is provide the MediaTraq license codes to turn on the functionality. There is no need to go to RFP or involve your organization in integration discussions which are time consuming, costly and difficult to manage.

The following three modules make up the framework for M2 Meeting Management Solution:

MinuteTraq is the Meeting Management product of the M2 Suite. It consists of many tools that allow you to easily manage your meeting documents, review processes & procedures, agenda packet creation, minutes creation, post-meeting letters & distribution, web publishing, searching and so much more.
MediaTraq is the Video Streaming & Webcasting product in the M2 Suite. MediaTraq includes several tools that automate the recording, uploading and web publishing of meetings and other events. In addition MediaTraq includes a lite version of our Minutes Maker to record the events and timestamps of the meetings and publish the Minutes and media to the citizen web portal. Our streaming services are competitively priced and are capable of streaming the world’s most popular mega-events!
The Electronic Boardroom will include the ability to integrate our Minutes Maker Live Meeting Mode with electronic voting consoles that can be wired with microphones or wireless units. The e-Boardroom allows the meeting organizer to display any supporting documentation (maps, slideshows, websites, etc.) on a projector and when a motion is made can display the voting results in real-time as the board members push ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Abstain’ buttons.
BoardTraq is an innovative legislative management solution that makes the process of managing all of your government board and committee appointments streamlined, paper-free and simple. Set up and track all your boards and committee seats in minutes with their mission statements, term limits, meeting data and requirements and qualifications. usersApplicants can apply online for vacant seats. And by setting up automated workflows for reviewing applications, you can simplify the evaluation process by routing them to appropriate internal users. Users can save your interview notes and make recommendations to the primary decision making board before scheduling and generating agenda items, notices, reports and more. All of the public information becomes instantly accessible through the online web portal so board details, board members, meetings, agenda, minutes and more are available to anyone who needs to know. No more redundant, time consuming, paper based processes for managing this vital governing process.

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