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California county to embrace improved data management

September 25, 2013

San Joaquin County, Calif., is looking to modernize operations and embrace the latest technologies for data management, as well as transparency and open government. According to State Tech, the county's IT team upgraded its server infrastructure and significantly improved data center efficiency. However, this isn't the only improvement the county can make toward being a beacon of digital government.

"As budgets have dwindled, we're looking for ways to maintain our level of service to our customers without having to add bodies," David Newaj, San Joaquin County's infrastructure manager, told the news source. "One of our biggest pain points is the time it takes to provision servers so our users can do their work. With the Cisco infrastructure for the cloud, users can provision services for themselves."

Optimizing digital government efforts also requires town, city and county officials to ensure the proper infrastructure is in place to streamline the flow of information to and from the data center. Meeting management software and open government efforts will help ensure that meeting minutes and other information is properly organized and ready to be made available to the public.