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Understanding citizens call for paperless meetings

September 10, 2013

More tech-savvy civilians are calling for their local councils to embrace paperless meetings by investing in tablets and related software. This trend is sweeping across not only the U.S., but the globe, with citizens in U.K asking for paperless government meetings as well, according to PrintWeek.

"In reality we live in an increasingly digital world where electronic and paper based communications coexist and are often complementary," TwoSides, an industry lobbying group in the U.K., told the news source in response to public demand for paperless solutions.

In order to optimize operations and integrate paperless options into everyday operations, town, county and city government offices have to ensure they are improving overall IT solutions as well. Meeting management software and related services from IQM2 can boost overall efficiency and provide the foundation to invest in paperless meetings and related needs more easily. Improving government operations is a multistep process, and going paperless can be a critical rung on that ladder for organizations that are able to benefit from it. By optimizing their approach, it puts these officials one step closer to meeting public expectations and transparency and open government needs.