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Community the focus of Gov 2.0 efforts

August 27, 2013

The Gov 2.0 movement focuses on technology to improve operations, as well as transparency and open government efforts in many towns, cities and counties. However, one often unexpected benefit of these enhancements is the focus on community they help foster. According to The Gainesville Sun, Gov 2.0 has helped foster and bring together the creative vision of many communities from Boston to Gainesville, Fla.

The news source recently reported that the city is embracing technology in new ways, helping transform the local government into a more efficient machine, but giving significant power to the community as well.

"Gov 2.0 does not decide what the picture should look like; it only frees the tools by which the masterpiece is stroked," the report noted.

These efforts not only help cities, towns and counties take their records public in an efficient manner, but provide the foundation to put that information to use in improved ways and give the public more effective tools for utilizing it, as well as participating in government efforts. Additionally, it will help local officials see just how effective their efforts towards public engagement and transparency really are.