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North Carolina passes new transparency bill

June 11, 2013

The North Carolina House recently passed bill 115-1, a legislation proposal to ensure easy access to political campaign spending documentation. As a major step forward in open and transparent government, this will could foster further changes for the better, according to The Voter Update,

Another bill is coming up on the North Carolina House ballot as well. Bill 919 would set a standard for filing campaign finance reports electronically, once contributions reach $5,000 in statewide contests, and $10,000 for local offices. According to the news source, Bill 919 has bipartisan support and is expected to pass, as it will provide a stronger method or organizing and searching through financial reports from campaign funds.

By improving overall access to government documents, North Carolina is fostering overall transparency and open government efforts and demonstrating a dedication to citizen engagement. The 21st century demands a focus on open government, and investing in the solutions necessary to embrace transparency, like IQM2's meeting management software, will help local councils to improve their adherence to such laws and enable a high-quality standard throughout their operations.