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Paperless meetings a matter of cost, not just efficiency

May 7, 2013

Going paperless by investing in high-quality meeting management software can help local government offices save time and effort when it comes to streamlining public access to information and getting meeting packets to council members in advance. However, these solutions can also save state, city and town governments a significant portion of their yearly budgets.

The City of Fremont recently explored improving city council meetings by investing in meeting management software and paperless solutions, with incredible results.

"We are continually looking at ways to more effectively reconnect with our citizens while using technology to drive efficiency. We are excited because we are accomplishing both of these objectives with this software," Mark Danaj, Assistant City Manager, told the Tri-City Voice.

The city was printing 100 copies of a 45 page agenda at every council meeting, spending roughly $59,000 per year. Agenda management solutions from IQM2 cost a mere $16,000, with an annual cost of $16,224 for support - saving the city nearly $43,000 a year after initial installation.

Investing in a paperless meeting solution from IQM2 can drastically cut operational costs for any city, state or town council or school board, help them adopt green practices and improve community engagement, offering numerous benefits for a single investment.