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Local councils need to be ready for big data

April 30, 2013

Big data isn't just a trend affecting businesses - many other organizations, particularly local government offices, are seeing large volumes of data affecting their operations as well.

However, big data should not be feared by state, county and town councils. Embracing the trend can offer key advantages to government offices and help enhance citizen engagement, transparency efforts and more. In order to capitalize on this trend, local governments need to invest in high-quality legislative management solutions to streamline these efforts.

According to Information Week, IT professionals working with state and local governments are struggling to keep up with data needs. Only 59 percent of agencies reported having the tools in place to analyze data, and less than half of those are taking the further steps needed utilize that information for strategic decision making. Further, about 57 percent of agencies reported being unable to support big data trends.

By investing in intelligence government meeting management solutions that enhance the flow and use of data, local governments will be able to increase the quality of operations and adapt to the transparency and open government needs of their constituents more easily.