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Paperless meetings a popular way to celebrate Earth Day

April 26, 2013

On Earth Day, April 22, some school districts celebrated by going completely paperless. According to WKYC, Magnificat High School in Rocky River, Ohio, eliminated all paper across the school, from the classroom to the board room. Teachers will be giving tests and lessons using computers, iPads and other digital means, while the school physically shut down all of its copiers, printers and fax machines.

This practice can be incredibly benefit for school districts and government offices outside of a celebration for Earth Day. Paperless meetings can provide any board or council with a cost-effective way to streamline the flow of information and minimize wasted resources and paper. Many government offices go through a significant amount of paper for meeting documents and booklets. By investing in meeting management solutions and the right technology for easy access to digital files, councils can eliminate those documents and make it easier to review information before a meeting, in addition to making it available to the public faster.

Often, eliminating paper can be an important step on the road to digital operations, and local governments can take that step easily with IQM2's legislative and agenda management software solutions.