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Technology key to improving reporting accuracy

April 16, 2013

A recent audit found several inaccuracies in government records in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. According to the Capital Gazette, the audit discovered a few hundred thousand dollars were missing along with some other unclear records, and much of it was caused by outdated technology being used by the county.

"I couldn't even get in my email last night. There's been a lack of investment in technology for a long time," Council Chairman Jerry Walker told the news source.

Investments in new technology provide local governments with a variety of benefits, but their most important effect is enhancing the accuracy and ease of maintaining financial and legislative records. This allows county, state and town councils to improve their own operations and enhance open and transparent government efforts. Additionally, local municipalities will see overall cost savings as tax dollars are better accounted for and spending on recordkeeping is reduced.

The sole purpose of improving technology investments isn't to ease operations for government offices - it becomes a requirement as the demands on transparency and open government grow and the need to keep clear and accurate reports overtakes the need to save money.