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The benefits of e-voting

April 8, 2013

Saving money and balancing the budget is a constant concern for local governments. As technology improves, however, it becomes more important to consider the cost of investing in new solutions versus the return on that investment. ROI is a critical piece of any technology adoption, and software solutions that affect the council meetings are no exception.

By considering various solutions that can enhance government meetings, local municipalities can examine how to reduce spending over time. One technology solution that is particularly advantageous in this area is electronic voting software. With an e-voting solution, local governments can save on paper ballots, time and staffing by automating the taking and tallying of votes on critical matters. This will also allow the office to publish results faster and enhance public awareness of voting.

In addition to these benefits, electronic voting solutions enhance the remote capabilities that technology provides state, county and town councils. With the implementation of e-voting, meeting management software and other tools, local governments can expedite meetings and legislative matters by including members even if they can't physically make it to a meeting.