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Innovation key to expanding government technology

April 5, 2013

Government offices are finding that expanding their technology solutions and investing in tools like meeting management software is becoming essential in order to keep up with community needs. The government 2.0 movement is pushing state, county and town councils toward paperless meetings, advanced data storage and other solutions that enhance public access to information and reduce budgets. However, some councils hit a roadblock when approaching digital solutions to operations.

The key to overcoming these challenges and adopting technology that really improves workflow and efficiency is in innovative solutions to everyday problems. Reducing paper usage or enhancing transparency and open government portals isn't just about data storage, it's about having the solutions in place to automate data organization and meeting minute recording. At the same time, councils need to invest in solutions that integrate with other systems and ensure smooth transitions to new tech and overall workflow.

By investing in high-quality government 2.0 solutions like agenda and legislative management software, local governments can better engage citizenry and show their constituents how they are saving money and putting it to better use in the community.