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Technology key to government reinvention

March 7, 2013

Many local governments are trying to reinvent themselves by putting forward an innovative and mindful image that appeals to public opinion. Efforts such as transparency and open government improvements, as well as the adoption of new technologies, is key to this approach at reengaging citizens.

According to The Seattle Times, investing in improved government technology such as meeting management software can help state, county and town governments strengthen their citizenship and invigorate workflow.

One of the needs that many local councils are addressing with improved technology is that for open and transparent government operations. Many citizens are becoming more involved in their local politics, and as a result looking for more data and information beforehand, from government meeting minutes to agendas, so they can decide if they want to attend meetings personally if applicable.

IQM2's meeting management solutions provide local governments with the tools needed to provide information in an effective and cost-efficient way that promotes transparency and improves processes in other ways. Rather than complicating systems to try to meeting public demands, improve them with high-quality, intelligent software.