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Migrating government to the digital age

March 1, 2013

More states are exploring the opportunities that cutting-edge technology and IT service provide. This means adopting cloud computing, mobile devices and tools like meeting and agenda management software. For some states, the potential benefits are endless.

According to Hawaii News Now, the island state is one of those recognizing the inefficiency of its current IT solutions and migrating to newer systems. The state recently hired its first full-time CIO, and plans are now in place to help bring Hawaii's government IT infrastructure out of the dark ages. Improvements like paperless meetings and enhanced computer systems will leapfrog from an entirely paper-based system past CDs and traditional computers to cloud computing and other high-tech trends.

"We are overdue for a major failure because you cannot survive like this," Hawaii C.I.O. Sanjeev Bhagowalia told the news source. "I think this is just Russian roulette, what's happening here. Just imagine how the productivity will increase. You do it once in the system, as opposed to going through all this paper and calculators and things in carbon paper. Carbon paper, really?"

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