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3 ways technology can help reduce county budgets

January 29, 2013

For any local government from the county to the city level, reducing budgets is almost always a high priority. Many are constantly struggling with how to do so without negatively affecting one area of operations or another. However, by investing in improved technology for tools such as agenda management or records automation, any government office can reduce labor and related costs and start cutting down its budget for the long haul.

While budget reduction through technology investment seems obvious, it requires careful planning and execution. From eliminating paper usage with paperless meeting initiatives to investing in agenda management software, certain tools will help improve overall operations and cut down on "wasted" taxpayer's dollars at the same time. According to the Seacoast Online, some towns and counties even have asked taxpayers to put forth a little extra up front in order to reduce taxes for a longer period of time, to raise money for these investments. For any town, city or county, it's essential to understand the benefits that come with implementing meeting management software and related technologies, and to know how those benefits will improve the entire municipality.

Save time
Meeting management solutions allow a local government to eliminate many time sinks. These solution will automate minutes for more accurate record keeping, improve public access to records and allow information to be delivered electronically, eliminating the labor time necessary for printing and sending meeting packets. Additionally, with video streaming solutions, a local government can webcast meetings and ensure that the public record is 100 percent accurate? - while enhancing citizen engagement at the same time.

Reduce cost and waste
With the implementation of solutions for meeting improvement, many town, city and county councils invest in paperless meeting solutions. This helps to streamline information and eliminates paper-related costs, but has other benefits as well, such as helping offices be more environmentally friendly. By eliminating paper waste, the council can reduce recycling costs as well while ensuring that information is still readily available to its members via mobile devices or computers.

More accurate results
Going digital ultimately streamlines the connection between a user - in this case a council member - and the end result of any meeting. Whether the agenda item is a vote or simply a routine meeting, technology helps ensure that accurate information is both collected and received, and with integrated e-voting solutions, even government decisions can be quickly updated and uploaded for public record.