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Going paperless about more than tablets

January 9, 2013

Many local governments are finding that paperless meetings add many benefits to their regular operations. From reducing costs to improving meeting productivity, paperless initiatives enable towns and cities to work smarter and harder while putting taxpayer's money to better use than printing meeting packets.

Simply investing in a few iPads and migrating meeting information to digital formats isn't enough, however. There are other steps that government offices need to consider before they can be successful with these tech initiatives.

Implementing enhanced town hall meeting tools can improve the availability of information not only to board members, but the general public as well. Solutions like e-voting and minutes management can enable remote meeting capabilities and eliminate a variety of inconveniences for officials as well.

According to the Scottsbluff Star Herald, these solutions allow members to stop bringing notepads and pens to meetings by copying full minutes automatically to their tablets or smartphones and allowing them to sync that information to other devices. It also creates more organized records for public transparency, encouraging more community awareness of board activities.

While these solutions may seem straightforward, there is a lot of technology that goes into making them happen. For a local government looking to improve its general operations and reduce spending, investing in the right solutions can be the difference between success and failure.