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FLGISA 2010 Conference

IQM2 was proud to offer our streaming services to FLGISA for the 2010 annual conference.

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Thornton May, Futurist

IT's New Know

As we move forward from this point in time, unaugmented human cognition (the old know) is not sufficient. What is “not knowable” and the permissible time frame for not knowing are undergoing a fundamental transformation. The heretofore opaque and mysterious arts of government decision-making are being rendered transparent with the tools, processes, and practices of business analytics. The desire to know will define the next quarter century. Thornton will share findings from his research on pioneering public sector heroes who have battled budget, bureaucracy and behavior [culture] to guide their enterprise toward The New Know.

Duration: 1 hour and 31 minutes

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Scott C. Paine, Ph.D., University of Tampa

Rethinking Leadership: Trust and Technological Changes

One of the defining attributes of the environment for public leadership in the early 21st century is a profound lack of trust. This all-pervasive reality probably originates from many sources, but one of the more intriguing and vexing is the possibility that it is the advance of consumer applications of technology, especially communication technology, that has helped undermine public confidence and reinforce the bitterness evident in public discourse. How has this happened? What is required of those responsible for leading our communities into an uncertain future?

Duration: 1 hour and 53 minutes

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