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We are committed to helping the public sector automate their public and formal meetings in order to save time and money while fostering citizen trust. When making a decision, information is power. We want you to have the information necessary to make informed decisions. As a result we will continually utilize our market research and industry expertise to furnish you with educational based white papers that will help you and your organization make sound business and technology decisions. Please check back regularly as we are always incorporating additional topics of interest. Thank you for visiting our website.

Public Meeting Automation and ROI

Learn about the hard dollar cost savings associated with automating your public meeting process through a real world case study.

Author: Doug Eden, COO

Video Streaming Public Meetings and Open Government Efficiency

Read about some of the key components and challenges of implementing Video Streaming for your public meetings. From cameras and capturing the video to addressing network concerns and providing a public access to the information and documents. Also learn about the different technologies involved and important considerations with implementing video streaming.

Author: John Remmler, VP Software Development

Meeting Management Systems and Open Government Efficiency

Learn about Meeting Management Systems, what efficiencies they bring and how they can help open government.

Author: Doug Eden, COO

Discovery and Implementation

Learn about the important elements of selecting and deploying a meeting management system.

Author: Bill Martin, VP Client Services

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