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IQM2, Inc. is dedicated to providing the finest public and formal meeting management automation applications in the industry. We are always looking for entities who share our vision and see the merits of our solutions. To that end we have a number of programs that may be of interest. We have listed two of the more popular below. Should you have additional ideas on how we could possibly work together, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking to facilitate dialogue with quality organizations who share our same goals.


Referral Program

IQM2's Referral Program is tailored for businesses that have customer relationships with public sector organizations that have certain business or IT needs that IQM2 can uniquely address. As a Referral Partner, you will identify potential IQM2 customers and refer them to IQM2 representatives for a revenue share of preferred accounts. As part of the program, IQM2 Referral Partners receive the Sales and Marketing support they need to promote IQM2 solutions to their client base.

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Municipal Shared Services Program

IQM2 has established a unique specialized pricing model to meet the needs of Federal, State, County, Tribal Council and Educational institutions looking to standardize their Legislative Documents, Agendas, Minutes and Citizen Portals with one Total Meeting Management System. This program enables municipalities to centralize all documents on one paperless platform with the ability to become a profit center by reselling our Total Meeting Management solution to their municipal parts at a discounted rate.

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