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Management Team / Leadership

We hold ourselves to a higher standard at IQM2 and as such, your organization should expect this standard to always be met. IQM2 practices a proactive leadership style that emphasizes quality, excellence, and value‐added benefit to our clients. We focus our efforts on value creation that best serves the needs of our valued clients. We are proud of the results of our diligent development efforts in this area.

As such, we consider our management team’s effectiveness to be one of our key differentiators. Our management team is always pleased to spend time with you. They are always available to discuss custom requirements and procedures and to answer any questions you may have. They willingly accept ultimate responsibility for the success of the programs we deliver. They will answer requests with facts, candid analysis, and intelligent recommendations.

Daryl Blowes
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Daryl Blowes has served as a technology consultant for many public sector entities. He has been featured in numerous publications as an expert in public meeting management. His vision and understanding of the government technology space has enabled IQM2 to emerge as the leader in this very critical arena. Daryl received his Bachelors in Computer Science from Polytechnic University on Long Island, New York in 1998. After graduating he founded IQM2 and provided valuable consulting and software development services for local government and companies in various industries including accounting, wholesale, retail, warehouse, television programming, insurance, transportation, hotel, legal, recruitment and real estate. After developing the flagship product MinuteTraq, he continues to expand the IQM2 operations to a nationwide service.

Scott Greenberg
Chief Operating Officer

Scott Greenberg has been with IQM2 since 2013. He is responsible for managing the company’s sales, marketing, customer service and administration. Prior to IQM2, Mr. Greenberg was a partner at NatureCity, a direct marketing company he helped form in 2001. During his tenure at NatureCity, Mr. Greenberg helped build the company from scratch into a leader in the direct-to-consumer nutritional supplement business. His wide ranging responsibilities included building sales, customer service, e-commerce and multiple marketing channels. Prior to NatureCity, Mr. Greenberg held roles in both bond trading and investment banking at Salomon Brothers. Mr. Greenberg holds an M.B.A. in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan where he graduated with High Distinction.

Arnold Sheiffer
Chairman / CFO

Mr. Sheiffer is presently the managing director of Sheiffer Investment Associates and equity sponsor of IQM2 and major stakeholder. Mr. Sheiffer has served as Chairman-CFO of Petry Media Corp the nations largest independent spot television sales firm. He was Chairman & CEO of Smart Route Systems the nations technological leader in providing “Real-time” traffic services throughout the United States. Mr. Sheiffer is a director of Goldentree Asset Management & James Cable Systems and has served on the Board of Suncom Wireless (NYSE) and International Radio Sales (OTC). He received a BS from Boston University, MBA from NY University & is a graduate of the Wharton School’s Directors Consortium. He is a Certified Public Accountant.

Pamela Grunder
Vice President of Human Resources

Ms. Grunder is an experienced and acknowledged expert in the retail field. She is currently the President of P. Joyce Associates Inc., a consulting company to the retail, manufacturing, and investment community. Ms. Grunder has held senior management positions with leading US department store chains including Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager of May Department Stores, Cleveland, Ohio. Pamela Grunder serves on the Board of Directors of New York and Company (NWY-NYSE) and Rock of Ages (ROAC-NASDAQ). Ms. Grunder is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Management Association and is the Vice-Chairman of Learning Leaders, New York City’s largest non-profit educational organization. Ms. Grunder received her B.A. in Political Science from Northwestern University.



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